Lifes Simple Pleasures ♥ Summer Fun

“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.” ~John Zabat-Zinn ~

These little moments, sprinkled through-out our day, add up to make any day better….Like Hose Fun!!! Raise your hand if you grew up drinking from the hose….Not only was the hose our home base for a drink, it provided us with hours of cooling off via a sprinkler……….and then eventually slipping and sliding in the major mud hole it inadvertently caused!!! :))))



Watching my grandsons Landon and Mason, along with my dog Calee enjoying some old fashion summer fun with a hose had all of us smiling and reflecting….we all had our ‘remember when we were kids’ stories to share……..


(photo via pinterest)

….Like Mr. Softee Ice Cream showing up after an afternoon game of tag or spud! Soft serve ice cream never tasted so good! Mine was always a twisty cone with chocolate sprinkles!!!


(photo via flickr)

….or catching lightening bugs at dusk. Then being allowed to sit on the stoop, in your lightweight summer pajamas. In the dark. With your friends. No cares in the world……………………………

Shoot…….back to reality. I can’t tell you the last time I actually saw a lightening bug….this makes me sad.  No Mr. Softee Trucks to speak of, but I do have a great place to get ice cream. But, I can still have some hose fun with Calee!!! :)))))

I’d also like to take the time to humbly thank and Both these wonderful ladies nominated me for the Liebster Award. I’m humbled beyond words, but will refrain. I feel as though I’ve already hit the jackpot. Since signing up and participating in Blogging 101 last month, I’ve ‘met’ some amazing people, read/follow some amazing blogs, and continue to learn so much. Y’all touch me with each comment and like…..that makes me a WINNER!! :)))))