Wednesday Blessing

Sometimes you just need to look up 🕊





When the path is simple, peace.

When the way is complicated, peace.

May Christ not only show you the way

but also be the way you travel:

way of blessing, way of peace.

Blessing via Sanctuary Of Women



Ohhhhhhh….I just saw that over at Hugh’s Place this weeks photo challenge is Glorious…as soon as I read that I Knew exactly the photos I wanted to share!!!!

To me, there is nothing more Glorious than the Sun Rising….the following photos show a Fiery Sunrise I was Blessed to behold while Soul Strolling one morning ☀️

In a fiery ball of light

The sun rises.

Cleansing my Spirit

With each breath I take

My Soul Awakens.



Natures Good Morning ☀️🌦

All three of these photographs were taken within 2 1/2 hours or so of each other… Never know what Mother Nature is going to give you 💛🙏

Early morning gray skies

As far as the eye could see

Not much in the way of sunrise

But, beautiful to me…

When all of a sudden

As I strolled

The clouds parted

And there was light to behold….

The beauty of a new day

Comes in many sizes

Open your eyes, your heart 

and your soul

To all of nature’s surprises…..