two trees 🌳🌳

This beautiful poem popped up a few days ago. Knew I needed to share…and what better time then today. 120 weeks ago my Jim died…I hold on to our memories and I celebrate him. 




Two Trees

A portion of your soul has been

entwined with mine

A gentle kind of togetherness, while

separately we stand.

As two trees deeply rooted in

separate plots of ground,

While their topmost branches

come together,

Forming a miracle of lace

against the heavens.”

~Janet Miles~

Images of women in transition


Your soul entwined with mine 

Destination Unknown…..

OK…..another week of digging over at The Sandbox Writing Challenge. We’re asked the following: If you could foresee one accomplishment in your future, what would you like it to be?

My first reaction and answer has to be, my children are my greatest accomplishment..being Blessed with the gift of being their mother is by far the most fulfilling part of my life……and how exciting it is to sit on the sidelines and watch as their lives and the lives of their families grow.

NOW onwards:

If this question was posed to me a week and a half ago, my answer would have been completely different then it is today. For today, if I was gazing into a crystal ball of my making, I’d see myself happily driving my Subaru, not north to the Eastern Shore of my past, but West to visit the Redwood National State Forest…..and visiting as many of the State Parks as I can along the way……….my gypsy soul is Awakening. It has been for some time, though with Jims death it became silent. I am finding as I continue on this journey of mine, as I continue to grow, my gypsy soul is finding its voice once again. It’s not loud. Right now it’s more like a soft, soothing melody, but I’m ready to start singing along.

Another accomplishment is the continued healing that’s occurring between my sister and I. As we continue our reunion it’s with the hopes that our other sister will find her way to open herself up and join us……….this reunion and healing that’s taking place is beyond anything I thought could happen and is so very cool 😎

New Discoveries…New Truth

I’m a week into my visit here on Chincoteague. This visit is proving to be more then I thought, in ways I’d never imagined. I came here anticipating a homecoming of sorts……what I’m finding is, those words ‘you can’t go home again’, to be #mytruth.

I’m Living my life and seeing this place through just Linda’s eyes now…….and a whole new picture is being painted. Amazingly though, this doesn’t make me sad. I feel as though a hidden veil has been lifted and I’m seeing with more clarity then I have since Jim died. I’m seeing that I have a whole new life ahead of me…and that there is so much more to discover and learn about myself…..that at this time of transition, I Am Growing.

I’ve returned again

To this place we called home.

So many changes.


And the realization, once again

That change is inevitable.


With that realization

A new truth.

My truth.

Is revealed.






Spiritual Touch

My beautiful friend Anna shared this vision with me when Jim first passed away. The idea of his being ‘just on the other side of a door’ . This vision has proven to bring me comfort over the last 347 days.

So, When I think of Jim and where it is his Spirit ‘lives’, I envision him

being just on the other side of a door. I also envision putting my hand

on that door, and his touching the other side. Knowing one day, when it’s time,

he will open that door and be there, ready to welcome me home.

I think of you all the time.

Every moment of

Every day..

I talk to you constantly.


What you would have to say…

I do all this knowing,

Deep within my heart,

That you are out there


That we are not really apart..

Closing my eyes.

I reach out my hand.

Coldness tickles my fingertips,

I smile and understand.

This eternal overlapping of time

Is all a mystery

But our souls are woven together

They embody our history…


[photo by Pixaby]

My Morning Musing ☀

Good Morning All……it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Life has a way of getting in the way lately. I’m slowly turning this house into a home. I’m actually catching myself, while I’m out and about, thinking I can’t wait to get ‘home’ which I take as a good sign. 🏡

Slowly getting the place furnished as I help my daughter with her ‘stuff’. Last week she had surgery to remover her gallbladder so I was in nana and mommy duty…all this while they are trying to buy their own home 😬 Craziness…..though it’s keeping me busy. 

But, I’m finding myself restless to start picking up my pencil. Pick up my pen. Pick up a paintbrush.   I’m restless to write…restless to paint…….so this is my morning musing….

Wishing y’all a beautiful day…

Tree limbs


As the sky begins to lighten

Bird song erupts

Breaking the silence

As it announces 

Mornings arrival

Awakening my senses

As this new day unfurls….