Little Pop…Little Pop Of Color 🎨

Heading into our third week of Photography101. Day 11 is calling for some Pop Of Color.…even with the dreary start to the day, I found a bit of color!!!

Bought these for myself to brighten up a dreary morning 🌸



rainbow of bouncy balls


more color,,better eating!



Yellow Garden Spider



I’ve Got Your Back……

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Back Of Things This week’s topic is Back of Things. Back of things could literally mean someone’s back. It can also be from underneath. Like a bridge from underneath and we see the infrastructure of the bridge. You do need to be directly under the subject looking up. Or it could be something small enough you could turn upside.Your photo can be of anything or anyone in the world. Have fun with angles, taking the back of things or underside, profiles of things we normally only see the front. It’s a week you can be creative and have some fun…


I Am Not a fan of spiders. But this pretty lady has been hanging around my front porch for a few weeks now…she looks pretty awesome in color too!!

This is a baby terrapin I found after a storm. I normally leave things alone, but decided to pick him up and brought him to a ranger. Turns out I did the right thing…he wasn’t suppose to be where I found him!!

Dead leaf…I liked the heart shaped hole in it…

…and here’s the back of one of my gnomes watching the storm, and the back of my Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale.. *cheers* 🍻