30 Days Of Gratitude….Day 28 🙏

Happy Thanksgiving to All 🙏❤️

“Early morning blessings rise with the sun.

The golden glow lights everything afire.

Thanksgiving Blessings are felt as the

warm glow of a new day emerges.

It is also a reminder to keep a grateful heart

not just today

but everyday.

Happy Thanksgiving from my heart to yours. 🙏💛☀️

…and *mimosa cheers* to My Jim. 🥂

Love and Miss You Husband ❤️

Goodbye November..Hello December

Goodbye November…..

While many of us use the month of November to be more active and mindful in the Grateful and Thankful dept…I do make it a daily practice year round. I shared a wonderful pre-Thanksgiving meal with ‘my tribe’ of widows/widowers. I then spent a quiet Thanksgiving (my third without Jim) home alone…by choice. While I’ve been spending countless hours with my widow family as well as my daughter and her family, all of which I am Grateful and Thankful for, my solitude has taken a backseat. Add to that that I actually got a job (albeit it was short lived as it wasn’t a good fit….but I proved to myself I could do it!) Needless to say, the last few weeks of November I’ve felt my emotional well-being depleting itself day by day, I’ve felt lost and even confused and not liking any of it one bit. I realize it’s time I go back to ‘my basics’ before I find myself spiraling…….


My Tribe


Hello December….

With you, I’m going to get myself back on Linda’s Track. I need to make time once again for just me, myself and I. To reconnect with myself through my meditation practice as well as making time to write and paint again. All these things have taken a back seat of late and I miss them. I need to find a Balance that feeds all my needs, while I continue to grow. As I’m writing this, I realize that Balance has never been my forte…as I tend to go all in on something a hundred miles an hour,  in a hundred directions to boot, no wonder I’m out of sorts! Maybe Balance will prove to me my Word for 2019?!



Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, my second without Jim, will be difficult and very different for me, again.

There is no turkey on the Weber….no pipe smoke wafting in through the window. No sunrise mimosas on the beach. No delivering baked goods to the base……..these are my memories of Thanksgiving past. Ones I am Grateful for.

Today, new memories will be made. Today I’m Thankful to spend this Thanksgiving with a crew of amazing young people and their families…..meaning lots of little ones!!! I am Grateful.

I will shed my tears, but they will be shed with a Grateful heart……for I am Blessed with a Love that transcends time and space. Yes I mourn what is lost, but I also celebrate.

I am Thankful. I Am Blessed.

“I continue to open my heart to the world, a heart that though still broken, is coming back together.”

Thanksgiving Morn ☀️ Always Have a Grateful Heart ❤️

Early morning Blessings rise with the sun.

The golden glow lights everything afire.

Thanksgiving Blessings are felt as the warm glow of a new day emerges.

It is also a reminder to keep a Grateful Heart, not just today, but everyday. 


Since moving down here, we’ve started our own little traditions. As always, we welcome in the new day with a Thanksgiving Blessing and toast of mimosas on the beach. Breakfast consisted of coffee and French toast muffins this year (I made the muffins on Tuesday and OML were they good!)

We came home, and put Mr. Tom turkey in the oven. Then it was off to the base. I started baking goodies for the men and women of the fire dept. who have to work the Holiday shift about 5 years ago. This morning we delivered Pumpkin Bread, along with giant chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies. I love delivering the goodies and visiting with them. I do this on Christmas morning as well. 

Past years we’ve opened our home and shared our meal with anyone who was going to be alone….this year it will be just the two of us. I’ll FaceTime with all the kids and grandkids….we’ll then enjoy our meal and then…….. turkey coma!!

 Late night turkey sandwiches and watching Jumanji rounds out our day. Kristen and I started the Jumanji tradition and though she and I can’t be together to watch it, we watch it and text each other though-out the movie,,,this year Landon is joining in!!! 


Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow bloggers! I’m truly grateful and thankful for the last few months of getting to know y’all through your blogs, and for the time you’ve taken out of your days to visit mine. Wishing all of you a Beautiful Day ☀️☀️


The Five Senses Of Turkey 🦃

Writing 101 Day 18: Compose a series of anecdotes…….giving this my best shot. I’m out of my comfort zone with this one!! Since its Thanksgiving tomorrow……..

Thanksgiving Turkey Through My Senses…


Sight: I have to admit, your nothing to look at when we first get you home. That pasty complexion, doesn’t do much for the eyes. But….after hours of cooking….Oh what a beautiful sight to behold. Your golden brown breast, your legs, your wings….crispy skin waiting for me.

But the sight of family around the table….priceless. The memories of past Thanksgivings with my children are all the more precious now that I don’t see them for the Holiday.

Smell: The aroma of the turkey cooking says home. It’s comforting. It says the Holidays are upon us! It’s says we’re gonna eat Soon!!

Hearing: All I hear are the sighs of Yummmmmmmm. “It smells so good!” “Is it time to eat yet?”   Then all you hear is the sound of chewing, along with more sighs, and the occasional “oh this is so good!” Later on it’ll be “I’m ready for a nap!”

Touch: Mr. Turkey, you feel like rubber. But I massage you with all kinds of goodness, making sure not to miss a spot……….☺️

 As a child, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the turkey leg…and after it had a chance to dry out, the wishbone!!! We’d each grab our end, close our eyes tight, make that wish….and pull!!!!

Taste: And after feasting on the turkey with our four other senses, it’s time to Eat!!! As a child, it was the crispy skin we wanted, then the legs..no white meat for us. As an adult, I still want the skin and I do indulge, a little. I no longer long for the leg, it’s the wings I’m after !!

I’m about the turkey sandwiches as leftovers….nothing beats a turkey sandwich with Hellmanns Mayo,,my stuffing and cranberry sauce….Now We’re Talking Yummmmmmmmmmm!!’