I Am Love and I Am Loved ❤️

Day 19 of the 21-Day Meditation Challenge talks about Living Life with Love. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?! Yet, I know there have been times that the One person deserving of all my love, Me, was put on the back burner. For the longest of times, Self-Love wasn’t even a thought of mine. Hell, if my own parents couldnt  cant’t love me, why should I love myself??!! Why, Because I Am Worthy Of My Love. Now I know, the Love in my heart transforms me, it is the essence of my True-Self. 

Saw this and thought it needs to be a bumper sticker!!

Be R.E.A.L.  And Recognize Everything As Love

Day 19-Centering Thought

Day 19 – Living Life with Love

“This world is in deep trouble, but it can be swiftly healed by the balm of love.” ― Rumi

In today’s meditation, we learn about the transformative power of love.

Love is the essence of the true self. If you can act from a space of love, you bypass the judgments and burdens of the ego. So expressing compassion, forgiveness, kindness, and a sense of purpose comes easily.

Love expresses itself with tenderness, but it also provides great inner strength.


Aham Prema

I am love.


I Am Light ☀️

Week 2 of the 21-Day Meditation Experience has begun. My morning Soul Stroll was a precursor for my meditation. The song of the sea was my background music. The sand, my cushion. I Love the word Light ☀️ As well as Recovery, Renewal, Reconnect. Those ‘RE’ words really pack some punch! 👊


Day 8-Centering Thought


Day 8 – Making Lightness the New You

“Renewal requires opening yourself up to new ways of thinking and feeling.” ~Deborah Day~

The burdens we carry around with us have become part of our attitudes, habits, beliefs, and behaviors, but they are not permanent. Habits are the outcome of old decisions and they can be changed only through new decisions and choices.

In today’s meditation, we discover that the most important decision we can make is to embrace the possibility of our true self. When we let higher intelligence do the work, getting rid of burdens isn’t a burden.

An Ode To My Spirit….



To those who ride the waves on their own seas and lose sight of the shore. Who discard the rules, the labels and the chains that once bound them, in search of the truth of their heart. To the ones who are fueled by the authentic and the uncensored, no matter how gritty the taste at times.

Here’s to the mismatched puzzle pieces that don’t get invited to join in all the reindeer games; that get left behind in the dust to learn their own way to fly. Who in their sacred solitude grace the skies with wings of freedom and a destiny born of soul fire.

To the rare, unearthly beings who walk the road less traveled, taking the adventure that rises on this path with purpose and passion. Who are brought alive by the fire in their blood and the longing threaded through their being.

Here’s to the rebels, the heartsick originals, and the bittersweet loneliness that fuels their spirit. To the ones who won’t conform, back down or step aside. To the ones who were not born to fit in but to gloriously stand out. To those who are here to be midwives of the genuine.

To the tribe of troublemakers that think so far outside the box, they dream on the edges of the infinite. To those who dance even though they have no idea how; who stumble and make it part of the steps, sing completely off-key and totally out of tune.

To the ones who raise their voices to the heavens even though they don’t always know the words.

Here’s to the awakened ones whose purpose is to feed their soul and not starve it. Whose mantra is the drumbeat of their own heart and the brilliant possibility that looms on the horizon. To the ones who dare to be open, to feel, to love and to live.

Here’s the magical, the mystical and the misunderstood. To the wise ones who move between the shadows and the light. To those who howl at the Full Moon and run naked in the flowing streams. To those who read the compass written on the walls of their hearts and follow the North Star etched upon their spirit. 

Here’s to the fallen, the broken and the shattered. To the warriors who know that to be cracked is to let the light in deeper. Who know that the best fruit is on the very tip of the branch and the brightest jewels are hidden within the roughest of surfaces.

To the ones intoxicated by the burning of the winds of change in their lungs and who live in the lands that others fear to tread.

Here’s to the brightly colored patchwork of divine visionaries that won’t stand down, play small or sit out. To the stargazers, the storm-chasers and the Old Souls that walk this Earth.

Here’s to the wild ones. Here’s to you.

~C. Ara Campbell~
Thank you C. Ara for your words that found their way to me…….✌️