Day 8 Of My Meditation Journey 🙏

Week 2 of the 21- Day Meditation Experience has started. Here we are on Day 8…..

Day 8 – Let Your Awareness Do the Work

“Because everything happens in the moment of Now we also happen in the moment of Now: continually, effortlessly, truly.” – Joseph Rain 

Society teaches us that we need to struggle and strive to overcome obstacles, that to get unstuck we need to push and fight our way through. But struggling never solves the root problem of limited awareness.

In today’s meditation, we learn that our higher self is not only unlimited, it is also creative, powerful, and intelligent. If we learn to abide in our essential being, its organizing power will effortlessly find choices and solutions for us.


When I am aware, I ‘Flow’ …with ease and I trust my Spirit to guide me as I go about my day……..

Today’s meditation was a welcome one after my previous POST.  Many of the Sandbox Writing Challenges are just that…challenging. They are also therapeutic in nature…..purging and dealing with my past, along with my meditation practice, has been an integral part of my healing………the Mantra was spot on for today 🙏


Om Kamakshi Namah

My true self nurtures and supports my life.

I Learned To Listen To My Soul

Sometimes, ok a lot of times, Life has a way of messing with my head, and with my heart. When I’m overwhelmed by the things I have no control over, that’s when a Soul Stroll is in order. I’ve come to learn to listen and not question when my Soul says Walk! It never steers me wrong, instead it brings me back to me. 


I needed air…to breathe

I needed space….for solitude

I needed…..Just To be.


Each inhale…..

Each exhale……

My jagged breath dispersed.


Each step forward….

The heaviness I carried….



 I walked….

My way…

Back to me.


Welcome To My World…Week #41

Cee’s Share Your World -2015 Week #41 
What genre of music do you like?  This greatly depends on my mood. I love listening to my 70’s station….as well as my New Age….throw in some 80’s for good measure……..lately I’ve been on an Enya kick…..and I love when I stumble upon someone I’ve never heard of… Passenger…there’s something about his voice,,just pulled me in…

What is the worst thing you ate this last week? Hmmmm..I did most of the cooking last week and I’m a fairly decent cook if I do say so myself….I guess I’d have to say the worst thing I ate was to much in the way of pumpkin pie ice cream (over indulgence!)

Would you like to be famous? In what way?  Nope….I’m perfectly content living my quiet existence.

Complete this sentence: This sandwich could really use some … I’m not a big sandwich eater….but I do love my muenster cheese!

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?  I’m grateful that my granddaughter Jemma is ok,,,she ended up in the ER with a horrible cough and not being about to breath well,,,she’s doing just fine ❤️

I’m looking forward to the beautiful Indian Summer Days that are being forcasted!! ☀️🍁🍂