Learning To Fly

I woke wayyyyy early this morning, knowing the date I was not going to fall back to sleep. Instead, words started filling my head so I started typing myself a note…that note to Jim turned into this. I remember and I celebrate ❤ I. Miss. You. Husband ❤


22 months ago you gained your wings.
I did too.
While yours took your spirit ‘Home’
I was left behind,
Teach myself and learn
How to fly..solo.
I was like a fledgling
At first,
I couldn’t quite get myself off the ground.
But I persisted.
And, guess what?!
I’m persevering!
I’m flying babe…..
I’m flying.
I’m doing things.
I’m going places.
I’m growing.
On my own.
On my own
I know as surely as I’m breathing,
That your spirit and energy
Are helping to guide me……
Giving lift to these
Wings of mine,
I’m now riding the winds of change.


What My Smile Is Saying – Sandbox Writing Challenge – Exercise 28

Alrighty, after skipping a week and letting the sand settle a bit, it’s time to pick up the shovel and get back to digging over at The Sandbox Writing Challenge. This weeks prompt is………………


What could possibly make me feel this way?

Love this!!! Have you been flattered, gifted, surprised, overwhelmed, been made proud of someone, just seen something funny… Can’t wait to see what ya’ll come up with!
As always, remember to include the link to this post on YOUR blog post. Or if your response isn’t overly long, feel free to leave it in the comment section below. And please feel free to interpret the prompt however you wish: memoirs, poems, pictures, etc.


Would you recognize
This woman I’m growing to be?
Cause the truth of the matter is
I’m not the same woman I used to be.
The day you unexpectedly left,
My world turned upside down.
On my own for the first time
I felt I just might drown……

Not only did I not drown
I’m growing inside you see.
A different Linda’s emerging each day
For all the world to see….

Gaining strength and confidence
Mixed with some independence too.
I like this new Linda I’m becoming
Considering all I’ve been through.


Knowing you as I do
You’d embrace and be proud of this new me.
With continued words of encouragement
To live my life care-free…

You were always my biggest supporter
My Rock.
Knowing you’d not only approve
But dig this new Me
That’s no shock………….

I’m blessed knowing your ‘out there’
Your overwhelming love and energy I feel.
Wherever this journey takes me
My smile will reveal…..

A woman who was gifted
To be wife to an amazing man
Who’s Love lives on inside her heart
Until they meet again.


22 months you’ve been gone…I Will Always Love You Husband ❤


Creativity Is My Healer 🎨

“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.” ― ~Erich Fromm~

My my first response to this was……….


Then I indulged myself with a bit of art therapy….it’s good medicine ❤ Yesterday found me playing around again with the medium of fluid painting……my end result didn’t come out as I expected but love it none-the-less 😊



Today I painted using brushes and q-tips…….I used a smaller canvas for this one……it doesn’t seem that long ago I allowed fear of ‘perfection’ to stop me from painting……letting that fear go and just allowing myself to enjoy being creative is so healing,….unleashing my inner artist so freeing!! 🎨




Love Has No Boundaries ❤

Well, here we are excavating exercise 27 over at The Sandbox Writing Challenge. This weeks one, for me is an emotional one. I remember it well from my first dig. The prompt this week is…….


If you were to give this baby (child) something you lacked early in life, what would it be?


Unconditional Love. And Protection. Period.

As an adult in my middle 50’s it’s still hard for me to wrap my head around it. The realization that your own parents don’t love and accept you unconditionally and failed at protecting you, is a hard pill to swallow, but swallow it I did. It took time, but I learned to accept it. In accepting it, I learned to forgive them. I have made peace within myself, knowing I was then, as I am now, worthy of their love. The fact that they can’t or don’t know how falls on them. Because they are my parents, I can say I do love them irregardless……………I’m also going back and ‘stealing’ what I wrote the last time. I know I said I wasn’t going to look back, but what I wrote then remains true today.  

Dear Little One

I promise you protection,
 To keep the monsters at bay.
Not hand you over to them,
Turning a blind eye all the way……

I promise you All my love,
You have my heart

I promise to hold you close,
Never will I push you away.
I want you in my life you see,
Because you are a part of me…..

I promise no comparisons,
Instead, embracing all
That makes you, YOU….

I promise to listen,
To hear what you have to say.
Not turning a deaf ear,
And walking away…..

I promise to encourage you,
To be there for you,
Because you Are Worthwhile….

Never to be thrown away
Onto the garbage pile