My Little Town…………..Pony Penning

This week, the last of July, finds my little town in the midst of something BIG……It’s called Pony Penning. Visitors from near and far descend upon us to experience the Pony Swim, held the last Wednesday of July. All in hopes of being able to buy one of the many foals to be auctioned off on Thursday. The auction is a yearly fund raiser for our Fire Department, who actually tend to the herd.

Chincoteague was made famous by the book Misty of Chincoteague, written by Marguerite Henry. As a little girl who loved horses, it was my favorite book. Of course I dreamed of visiting this little island and seeing the famous wild ponies of Assateague, but it wasn’t to be. Life went on, I grew up, but the little girl in me never lost her love for the ponies!!!



(Marguerite Henry and Misty)

Today was the Pony Beach Walk, which is when the Salt Water Cowboys bring the Northern Herd south…they will be held in a paddock with the southern herd until the swim on Wednesday.



(Thank you CTG for this ^ photo)

And then, the day everyone has been waiting for…the swim. This year it’s going to be an early swim as the ponies swim the channel at slack tide and it will be between 7-9 a.m. Thousands will be on hand to witness the 90th swim!


I got to finally live my dream, by not only seeing the Pony Swim by boat, but I’ve come to call this wonderful place home…






Now, as a ‘come here’ who calls this island home, July is a blessing and a curse…lol  It seems each year more and more tourists converge on the island and it’s impossible to get around!!!! It’s craziness and chaos,,but in a good way!!!

6 thoughts on “My Little Town…………..Pony Penning

  1. That sounds like quite the sight to see. I’ve always wanted to live in a little town. But here I am living in the heart of the city where noise is unending and buildings block views. The only horses I see are the ones that work to the police, and I don’t see those often. Keep writing so I can come back and experience the little town I’ve never known!

  2. Misty was my favorite, too! And the photos make it look as wonderful as the book! (I visited many years ago, when I was 11 or 12, but not during Pony Penning.) Thanks so much for sharing this! (Did you read Marguerite Henry’s other books? I was obsessed with her for a long time. And she was a very good writer!)

    • Hi Charlotte…Yes I’ve read her books and still have a few. The really cool thing is I’ve met some of the Beebe family,,,,,a bit surreal that 40 + years after reading Misty and here I am!!’

      • Eeeek! Ten-year-old me is geeking out! That is so cool! I love that MH wrote all her stories about real people and horses. I’ve tried talking all three of my kids into reading her stories at one time or another but no go. Thanks again for sharing this. I feel like I’ve taken a little visit without leaving my desk — 🙂

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