The Monday Music Medicine Show – Holiday Edition..

So, as the title implies…it’s That time again over at Quantum Hermit….So my beautiful Monday Music Medicine Show friends, if it pleases you to play, share with us: songs from a memory, and then from today, and finally from a collection you don’t always play. You know I want to hear it! Share it there (your own blog with a ping back), or share it here….

Song from a a child I loved The Friendly Beasts

Rockin Around The Christmas Tree

A song from today…The Piano Guys

Trans Siberian Orchestra … Christmas Canon

Don’t always play…Jethro Tull Another Christmas Song

Paul MCartney..Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time


Just HAD to add this from the Hallmark Movie Angels and Ornaments,,,so sweet!


7 thoughts on “The Monday Music Medicine Show – Holiday Edition..

  1. Brenda Lee “Rocking around the Christmas Tree” couldn’t believe it when I saw you had this, my youngest Son brought me a funky Christmas Tree toy the other day press its leg and there we have Brenda Lee singing this song, it’s such fun it sits on my window ledge in the kitchen, plays all the time near enough even “Daisy” my dog sits under it to listen – Thank You. (Jethro Tull fantastic)

  2. Wonderful!!! What a smorgasbord of music! The first, with the children and critters, was adorable! I’d never seen that before. And Brenda Lee! Yes, it’s on my list of songs we play through the holiday season. And the Piano Guys! OMGosh, they’re fabulous. Saw them not long ago, and they were amazing. And the Trans-Siberian Orchestra: what an darling rendition of THE Canon! The children’s voices were stunning. And Tull! YES! I’d never heard that Paul McCartney song. Was that with Wings? Lots of fun! the “Angels and Ornaments,” was that a tv special? The singer reminded me of someone I came upon yesterday, after listening to your Sarah McLachlan, and treasure troving youtube.

    Thank you for all your most excellent music!

  3. Oh my word! I haven’t heard “The Friendly Beasts” since my kids were knee high to a grasshopper! That brought back a lot of memories. I LOVE Brenda Lee. Grew up on her music. The Piano Guys and Trans-Siberian, who doesn’t love them. We saw TSO’s Christmas concert a few years ago. Marvelous! I’m not really familiar with Jethro Tull though I bet my brother knows that one. McCartney’s song, well, that’s one I never could warm up to (like “Do They Know It’s Christmas”). And the one at the end was very cute. Great post

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