Isolation …. Alone …. Solitude…..

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Inside the Bubble.”

Inside the Bubble
A contagious disease requires you to be put into quarantine for a whole month (don’t worry, you get well by the time you’re free to go!). How would you spend your time in isolation?

As someone who relishes her alone time, on the surface this sounds doable…..but being under quarantine means no cuddle time with hubby, no morning soul strolls, both of which are imperative to my well being…

But, if I was to be isolated for a month, hopefully I would still have access to my books and journals…as well as my IPad and phone so I could stay connected to loved ones. In this day and age…a month of isolation with Netflix would be a breeze…….and if said isolation coincided with the brutal winter months all the better…….So long as the above said disease doesn’t have me bed ridden and totally incompacitated, give me my Mr. Coffee, my yoga mat and I’ll make a months isolation as beneficial as I can…..


9 thoughts on “Isolation …. Alone …. Solitude…..

      • We get so cold when we come to see Stef in the winter. The house they rent is very old (built just at the edge of the University of Maryland campus to house professors years ago) and VERY expensive to heat. They use a couple space heaters in their main rooms. When we were there in February a couple years ago, we actually slept in our coats we were so cold. The damp just goes right through me.

      • I think I told you…my oldest daughter is Stef too….you don’t see a lot of Stefanie’s with an S!!!

        I’m not a cold weather person,,,but it’s the wind and windchills that cut through me,,and once I get chilled I’m done!

  1. The definition of isolation is the state of being alone or away from others…what I find in being alone is a gift, It is my time to get know me and to nurture me, so I guess I love isolation…enjoy it and embrace it!!!!

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