Oh, The Smell Of It ……

Cee’s Foto Fun Challenge:Sense of Smell This week’s topic is the colors of the sense of smell. This week is all about things you smell. The smell can delight you like your favorite spice or the smell could just be distinctive like a stunk and not so pleasing. Be creative and have fun.

“Each day has a color, a smell.”  ~Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni~

Does anything smell better first thing in the morning, than freshly ground coffee?!

Oh,,,,and fresh bread, baking in the oven!!!!!!

My Landon smelling the flowers ❤️🌺

…and how about the smell of a wood burning stove,,especially the first cold day of the season!!!!

OHHHHHHH! The musty smell of an old book,an old book store!!! They need to make a candle or car smelly of that scent!!!!! 😄

20 thoughts on “Oh, The Smell Of It ……

  1. Wonderful photos of the things you enjoy smelling. The smell of old books I’m very familiar with. We used to have a wood stove and now have a pellet stove. I miss the smell of the wood burning, but other than that prefer the pellet stove over the wood stove.

    • I’ve always loved the smell of a wood burning stove, and I even enjoyed the work of splitting it ( can you say log splitter) and stacking it…but the mess inside, and the cleaning of the stove…don’t miss that! Thanks for stopping by!!!! 😄

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