Once Is Enough!! ❄️

This is my take on the first Prompt via The Momhood’s Prompt Stomp Titled ONE.

The direction I chose to take this in is: the One and only time I’ll ever do this…..my participation in our islands version of the New Years Day Polar Plunge. Those who know me know how much I despise being cold. 2012 was to be my last year in my forties. So, I decided I wanted to start the year off with a bang. Naturally, that meant stepping out of my warm comfort zone and signing up to do the second annual Chincoteague Island New Years Day Pony Plunge.

The day was cold. Temps were in the 40’s with a whipping wind. At least we had blue skies and sunshine. Water temp was 40 (Could of been worse!). Those of us crazy enough to do it stood on the shoreline and waited for the signal…and in we went! Cold wasn’t the word for it…more like freaking cold! It was worse once you got out because of the wind…but I did it!!!!! I’m asked every year if I’ll join in again and my response is always the same, “I proved to myself I could do it, once was enough!”

The chills set in about 15 minutes later…hubby took me for a mocha!!!

13 thoughts on “Once Is Enough!! ❄️

  1. U rock!!!! That was awesome…I am sure that must have been wild,and so much fun 😀
    And your husband sounds like a gentleman,taking care of you like that.
    Thanks for sharing your experience! 🙂

  2. I can totally relate to this post. I walked the Marine Corp Marathon one year and finished. When asked if I would do it again, I said only if someone I loved was in dire straits and needed me would I walk 26 miles again. I think you must have felt the same way, Only if someone I love is in that freezing water…..

  3. Oh good Lord! I’d have died of hypothermia on the spot! My regular body temp is 96.6. They told me at the hospital if it drops below 96 I would go into hypothermia. I think that would have done me in!!! You’re a crazy woman! LOL

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